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Ask Dori - Sex Advice Column
The Sexologist is in!


Professor Dori has been a Professor of Psychology and Sexuality since 1995, but even more importantly, she has been having sex since 1984 and she started having orgasms long before that!

Professor Dori's favorite classes to teach are Human Sexuality and the Psychology of Gender. She has worked for years as a social worker and advisor, assisting clients and students in working through relationship issues and reaching their personal, academic and career goals. Dori has walked numerous friends through their first orgasm. Amazing how that's not always a given!

The sexual and relationship advice Professor Dori gives is eclectic and holistic and she is here to assist you through the murky waters of relationship issues, the challenges of figuring out the best sex toys to buy (and how to use them) and any other stumbling blocks that might hinder your ability to find true awareness in life. Ask away!

Popular questions already answered:

"How can I change the taste of my cum?"

"How do I get my wife/girlfriend to want more sex?"

"I'm inexperienced, how do I learn?"

"How do I last longer in bed?"

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