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Clit Kisser

Clit Kisser


The Clit Kisser simulates a soft, vibrating jelly mouth with a sensual vibrating tongue that gently stimulates the clitoris.

For additional fun, the silver bullet vibrator is removable from the tongue for direct, more powerful vibrating stimulation.

Add a Lube?


This sex toy is most effective with a sexual lubricant like Id Juicy Lube.

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Clit Kisser Vibrator Reviews

I too was a little disappointed at first but the bullet made up for it. HOWEVER, I've since taken a little time and enjoyed the suction that I can get going on the toy and it has made a huge difference in the enjoyement! I would have liked the tongue to move a little more independently - however, I guess that will be a new toy!
Diane in TX

I first bought this item 10 years ago when I was learning about my body. Up to that point I had never had an orgasm! Well, this toy did it. It simulates oral sex well enough and works on it's own, with less "thought" allowing the woman to just relax and find her mountain top! I've kept this friend for years and even gave one to my mother for Christmas! Wish I could thank the designer myself. (Mom does too!)
Ellen in MA

The Clit Kisser is the Best Vibrator I have ever owned....and I have owned quite a few. The Plastic Tongue feels just like my Man Kissing Ms. Kitty.....but the Vibration makes it such a Climatic Experience!!!!
Laurie in California

This Clit Kisser is my favorite late night friend. It is powerful and smooth and so easy to get to just the right spot.....
Tara in Georgia

I do think its great to have some help,and this Clit Kisser #SE0595143 does it for her. Thanks for all the help. Its great.
Mike in Louisianna

This Clit Kisser Vibe is beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you. You now have a faithful customer.
Cynthia in Massachusetts

I've ruined numerous vibrators in the past, as I have an abnormal condition in which my vagina is highly acidic. The Clit Kisser has proved to be both sensationally pleasuring AND withstanding of low pHs. An exceptional, durable product which I recommend to all--especially those with vaginal acidosis!
Tabitha in CA

I was somewhat disappointed with the tongue attachment on the Clit Kisser...but the silver bullet vibe part is great :)
R in TX

Product Reviews

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Liz (Miami FL) 3/3/2011 7:31 PM
This product should not even come with a mouth since it is utterly useless. This gets three stars because of the mouth. The bullet however is AWESOME on it's own so it more than made up for what was lacking with the mouth. Still would have been much better with a working vibrating mouth. It's lacking because the mouth is just a slip cover that goes over the bullet which is pointless. I mean you can put that on anything that vibrates and have the same effect which is nothing. Save yourself the money and just buy a bullet since that is the only thing you are getting with this product.

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