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Cyberskin Gonzo Cock Huge Dildo - Back in Stock!

Cyberskin Gonzo Cock - Huge Dildo


The Cyberskin Gonzo Cock is an amazingly real, heavy, firm dildo that will fill you up like no other toy can because it is massive!

The Gonzo Cock is a firm, erect cock made of amazingly realistic Cyberskin.

Add a Lube?


The smooth texture and full penis detail make this dildo like no other. Use the attached suction cup to ride this cock to unending ecstasy, or let a friend wield this massive toy to drive you wild!

Experience the Penthouse Black Label CyberSkin Gonzo Cock...Designed for Sex Beyond All Limits!! The smooth texture and full penis detail make this dildo like no other. Use the attached suction cup to ride this cock to unending ecstasy, or let a friend wield this massive toy to drive you wild!

How to Care for Your Cyberskin Gonzo Cock

  • Wash after each use with liquid anti-bacterial soap and water
  • Pat dry with a soft, cotton towel and allow to air dry completely
  • Generously apply the Cyberskin RENEW or cornstarch to restore the original soft, non-sticky, smooth, Virtual-Touch texture.
Cyberskin is different from all other sex toy materials on the market today. With the creation of CyberSkin, it is now possile to make products with Virtual Touch, that is, with an extremely realistic skin-like feel. If you close your eyes and touch a Cyberskin dildo, vibrator, or vagina you can't tell the difference between CyberSkin and real skin.

CyberSkin has two unique properties: First, it is super flexible and will return to it's original shape even after many uses. Second, this revolutionary material can simulate the skin and the rigidity of erectile tissue. Your new adult toy is not only soft, it is also hard - just like a real penis!

The new Aerospace 601 computerized injection molding machine, originally designed by NASA engineers, enables varying densities of CyberSkin to be strategically placed throughout the product. A sex toy shaped like a realistic vagina can actually feel like the softness of the vaginal lips, and the hardness of the pubic bone. In the case of realistic penis-shaped toys, you can actually feel the hardness of an erection while you enjoy the softness of the tissue around the penis! Absolutely amazing!

Product Reviews

(15 Ratings, 6 Reviews) Average Rating:
Lee (Misdissippi) 5/31/2012 9:47 PM
I got this the other day. Let me tell you... The picture doesn't do it justice. It's huge! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE big dick. But this is just too large. It literally fills you up to the point it hurts. As far as a usable piece it definitely isnt.
Cyberskin Gonzo Cock Huge Dildo
Wh (United States ) 1/30/2012 10:41 AM
My wanted to try a huge cock so i purchased Gonzo Cock. We were in our hotel room when she pulled it out of the suitcase and she she wanted to try it today. I know it would take some time to get it in her with the thickness. After about a half an hour she had me hold it as she started to slide down on it a little at a time. She could only take a little over 9 inches in but she wants to have it buryed into her at one point and she said she will not stop until she gets it all in. We are having fun with this toy
Robert (TX) 11/2/2011 1:55 PM
The suction cup is not very good but the feel as this is stretching you is amazing. It was a little too much at first. As i got use to it the more i kept wanting it. Attached to the Plow and this will pound me for hours.
quite an amazing dildo
John B. (United States) 4/18/2011 9:03 PM
I bough this dildo about 1.5 months ago and since then I have enjoyed this very much, now to the review. I thought a nice down to earth review would be satisfactory for someone looking to purchase this dildo. The box is quite lavish and attractive, but too bad it didn't come with a Satin Carrying Case like the Holmes(comes with that sample you can press for fun :P). Often I read reviews about this dildo being compared with the UR3 John Holmes Dildo and pretty much the Length, Insertable, Width and Circumference are basically the same except one part. The Gonzo and the Holmes upper and downward circumference are reversed so the Gonzo is thicker at the top (as the head to about midway) and the Holmes is thicker on the bottom(as in from the head to midway), unless there is some kind of manufacturing difference b/t each one gonzo and another. This dildo is much firmer than my other Cyberskin like material dildos i have, obviously because the inner dual density cyberskin is like 85% of the inner didlo and the softer part is on the outside covering the rest of the dildo. I saw on the video and I was "initially" amazed at the great suction cup but after I got in the shower to play with it, i was kinda disappointed at the suction. It's not like any of the typical suction where there's a parabola shaped suction. While this one is shaped like it, it's much smaller, but it sticks on the the shower wall well enough for rough play. Overall I was very satisfied with my purchase (not from here), well.. any "huge" cyberskin like material didlo i have enjoyed. To summarize: (In comparison to the Holmes) Gonzo * Thicker at the Head * Much much Firmer than the Holmes * The suction cut isn't as strong as the Holmes Holmes * Thicker at the Base * Flops around more than the Gonzo and not as firm * Suction cup much stronger than the Gonzo Hopefully this review can help someone choose b/t the Gonzo or the Holmes :P ps: I prefer the gonzo more due to the firmness
I highly recommend this Cyberskin Cock!
Julie (Louisianna) 3/4/2011 10:51 AM
It is everything it states and then some! Great for all kinds of fantasies & sex play. My boyfriend & I have had hours of fun with this Cybor Cock and it feels absolutely extraordinary! Well worth the money spent~ I give it a 5 star rating! A very Filling Toy indeed! ;)

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