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Eroscillator 2 Plus Vibrator - Free Shipping!

Eroscillator 2 Plus Vibrator or the Eroscillator Deluxe


***Free Shipping***

The Eroscilator is a wonderful, ossilating vibrator that is designed to help you have, faster, more intense orgasms.

This clever toy does not irritate and works better than ordinary vibrators.

Add a Lube?


The Eroscillator 2 Plus Vibrator is endorsed and recommended by the world's most famous sexual therapist and authority in human sexuality, Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

The Eroscilator has three levels of intensity from gentle to intense and provides 3600 steady oscillations every minute. Even though the Erocillator 2 is a very powerful toy, it's high quality motor never gets too hot. Because it does not require batteries, it never runs out of power and will keep going until you explode with pleasure.

After seven years and $2 million worth of research, the ingenious Swiss came up with a scientifically designed device for erotic stimulation. The tasteful package features a celebrity endorcement and a photograph of sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer, who wrote the user's manual for the Eroscilator, aptly titled "A Primer on Self-Pleasuring".

Manufactured in a tasteful copper metallic plastic, this all-business orgasm machine plugs into the wall with a generously long cord (12 foot). This toy also includes four detachable heads and a safety stepdown converter lodged in the plug.

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We bought this toy about a month ago. This is a MUST HAVE toy. This thing is awesome, works like a charm. Quiet, very quiet, no batteries and the cord is long. This toy brings my gal to the big O quickly. In addition to a great foreplay stimulator, it is also excellent for stimulating the clit during intercourse. Strongly recommend it. This is definitely NOT a toothbrush!!!
Louis in FL

Nice but not great. There is a lot of hype around the Eroscillator so I was disappointed to find that it does not stack up to my longterm mainstay the Hitachi Wand or my new fave the Miracle Massager. The different heads are nice, as are the 3 intensities (the're not speeds but just how far each way the head swings side to side on each movement) but the contact area is so so small. It's either up close on the clit or on my opening but never both, it cannot stimulate everything at once like a wand can. Maybe if you want a really focussed, moderately powerful vibe this could do you but for me, it leaves a lot to be desired and though it was an expensive present from my partner, I won't be using it unless my main toy dies on me.
Julie in NY

After 10 years of owning my eroscillator, I'm finally having to buy a new one. It's amazing, considering how much I USE IT!! I can't wait for the new design. Nothing beats this vibraotr - nothing!

Product Reviews

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Gives Her Multiple Orgasms
Sam (MS) 12/15/2011 10:08 AM
Got one of these several yrs ago...initially it was TOO powerful for my wife and she really did not like it. Due to a medical condition (neuropathy) her sensation has decreased and she doesn't respond as well to battery operated vibs. I dusted this off and retried it on her with great results. This a clit stimulator...I would start with a light touch and gently increase the pressure while rolling or rotating the tip just slightly and very slowly so that it doesn't just sit static in one position. Now, if I tie her up, I can have her cuming with this in less than 5 min and she just keeps cuming...has to beg me to stop. I would like to see this thing downsized and add a charger rather than always having to be plugged in. It needs a 'rabbit' like attachment.

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