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Mailing Lists

Glass Dildos and Pyrex Glass Sex Toys

Glass Dildos

Glass dildos are a popular type of sex toy. There are several reasons why: Pyrex glass sex toys are beautiful, hypoallergenic/sterilized, and an exciting texture. One of our most popular toys the Golden Curved Love Wand now comes in three different sizes to take your pleasure to the next level. This piece is strikingly beautiful, but it also has a bump and wrap combo that will drive you crazy for many years to come.

Take the Rainbow Glass Pleasure Swirl. A stunning glass dildo has multi-colored wrapping inside the glass shaft.

This glass dildo is difficult to beat for beauty. It's smooth surface and curved head add sensuality and orgasm giving fun!

Glass Dildo Sex Toys - Best Sellers
Over the years, glass dildos have come and gone, but there have always been a few that have stayed the test of time. These best selling glass dildos will probably always be on our list. We also add new glass sex toys that really strike a chord with our cu
New Glass Dildos
These brand new glass dildos have been especially designed to titilate your most private parts. These glass sex toys are perfectly shaped to stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time!
Curved Wand Glass Dildos - Bi-Directional - Phallix
These Phallix Curved Glass toys are designed with different colors and shapes to perfectly stimulate your g-spot.
Pleasure Toys Curved Glass Dildos
Curved glass dildos are shaped to perfectly stimulate the g-spot. They are also wonderful massagers. The smooth cool glass feels wonderful against warm skin. Especially if you use some aromatic massage oil.
G-Spot Glass Dildos - Phallix
Everyone knows the importance of a good G-Spot dildo and nothing beats the smooth sensation of glass. These glass dildos are not only high quality but absolutely beautiful to look at. These G-Spot glass pieces come in a variety of colors, shapes and desig
Pleasure Toys Scepter Glass Dildos
Scepter Glass Dildos are the perfect sex toys to share with a friend. Each dildo is double sided, so that you have a handle to hold and a nice textured shaft to play with. Each of the Pleasure Toys Scepter glass dildos are beautifully colored and truly sp
Pleasure Toys Straight Glass Dildos
Phallix curved glass love wands come in many different sizes and colors with all sorts of textures to please even the most finicky glass dildo enthusiast. Phallix has perfected the use of dichroic glass and many of these beautiful curved glass dildos have
Spinner Glass Sex Toys - Phallix
Spinner glass dildos are some of the most unique glass sex toys we sell. Each toy has a convenient handle that allows you or a friend to "spin" the toy once it is inserted. The thick head of this dildo stimulates the g-spot, and the bumps near the handle
Glass Vibrators
Phallix has come up with some truly unique glass vibrators. Each one of these sex toys is quite striking in it's design and color. These multi-speed vibrators may be small, but they pack a powerful punch!
Pleasure Toys G-Spot Glass Dildos
With a perfectly curved glass dildo, you can easily stimulate your g-spot. The rock hard glass is a perfect material because it can pinpoint the ellusive spot and keep teasing it until you have an orgasm like never before.
Large Glass Dildos - Batons - Phallix
Glass Batons from Phallix are the perfect toy for a couple that wants to experiment with large glass dildos. Each one of these massive dildos is 11 inches long x 1.25 inches wide. The handle is perfectly sized to fit your hand for easy manuverablity, and
Economical Glass Dildos
Here at, we only sell the highest quality glass sex toys. Even these less expensive glass dildos are made from the strongest Pyrex glass available. Low price glass toys are usually made from clear glass and have little color to them, but
Glass Butt Plugs
These gorgeous glass butt plugs offer one-of-kind sensations in hardness and smoothness.
Love Wand Glass Dildos - Phallix
Phallix glass love wands come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Each of these glass dildos has some sort of cool texture or color pattern that makes it unique. Pick from bumps, swirls or smooth glass in a variety of colors.
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