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IVibe Rabbit Vibrator

IVibe Rabbit Vibrator - 50% Off


The Ivibe Rabbit has a clitoral stimulator that gently vibrates while the head rotates and pleasure pearls on the vibrator shaft swirl.

The head on the Ivibe Rabbit vibrator pivots right to left and front to back.

Add a Lube?


The IVibe Rabbit Vibrator offers control that other sex toys simply don't have. You can vary the speed and intensity of vibration, and you can use it in the bath, since this vibrator is completely waterproof.

One of our most popular vibrators is the iVibe Rabbit with its three different pleasure modes and sensitive, independent controls of shaft movement and vibrations.

The Waterproof I-Vibe Rabbit vibrator gives you perfect control with advanced I.C. Chip technology:

  • Function 1 - Rabbit vibrates and pleasure pearls spin while the head rotates
  • Function 2 - Head pivots back and forth while rabbit vibrates slow and easy
  • Function 3 - Rabbit pulses and the head swings back and forth
Use the right ON button to start the vibrating shaft and increase or decrease the power.

NOTE: Lubricants can greatly enhance the sensation of the experience you have with your Ivibe Rabbit vibrator (as well as improve the enjoyment of intercourse). Water-based lubes are the most popular and offer the most versatility and safety for all situations. They won't harm you or your Ivibe Rabbit Vibrator (oil-based lubricants can harm your Ivibe Rabbit vibrator or any other sex toys made of rubber or silicone).

NOTE: Using a fresh condom on your Ivibe vibrator each time you use it prolongs your toy's life and keeps it clean and sterile. After all, who knows what your Ivibe Rabbit vibrator is up to when you're away from home?

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Reviews of the Ivibe Rabbit Vibrator

After reading reviews on rabbit style vibrators, my husband and I decided to purchase the iVibe. It WAS the best best vibrator I had ever used. In many ways it still is. BUT, the beads jammed after less than a year of use! Most women clamp down to some extent when they reach orgasm, I apparently clamp too much for the iVibe. Other than this issue, I would highly reccomend it.
Sara in FL

I just love the IVibe! It's the first sex toy I've ever bought and boy am I glad it was. With it, orgasms are achieved in minutes. It's a tad bit noisy, but performs very well. I would definitely recommend the IVibe Rabbit Vibrator.
Meg in NJ

I bought this for me and my girlfriend. She was a lil scared to use it with me at first, so I let her go at it by herself, after ten minutes she was begging for me to come back home and join her! It's such a good investment. Everyone and anyone should buy this!
Michael in CA

Having never even masturbated "or felt the need to" in my younger (wilder) years, I was given this vibrator as a gift by a friend concerned with my lack of orgasms in the last decade. WOW - what a gift. In the last 4 years I've burnt out 5 of these while also exploring other toys. I just made another replacement purchase and BOY AM I DISAPPOINTED. This new waterproof style is less intense and noisier than any of the previous versions. I much prefer the Endless Pleasure Vibrator, consistent rolling orgasms that last and last.
Gigi in CA

I bought the Ivibe Rabbit for my wife for Valentine's Day. She is very pleased with it. If I may say, all the good things written about it are true.
Steve in SC

I did a lot of research to find the best couples sex toy to spice up our sex life. Your web site really helped in making that choice. I didn't know how well my wife would accept such a gift, but her initial reaction was very good. I couldn't wait to try it out on her! On our first try she had an amazing orgasm although strictly from clit stimulation. She came in less than 3 minutes so that was awesome. On our second try we focused on more g-spot stimulation first and were extremely successful with an orgasm from both g-spot and clit. The clit stimulation is perfect, expecially for someone who is very sensitive in that area. We have only just begun trying the different features and speeds. This is a very advanced product that can bring an incredible amount of pleasure for both. Thanks so much for some incredible times with many more to cum!!
Jeff in UT

As silly as it may sound I thought I was having orgasms during sex and just not feeling them that intensely (cause yeah it'd feel a little intense at times). Then I got the ivibe rabbit and WOW!!!! I had and keep having mind blowing orgasms. GET THIS VIBRATOR. After all a new study says orgasms keep women looking younger can anyone really afford not to have their body taken to a new level and keep the years at bay!
Mia in MI

It's only fair that I write a review after getting so much pleasure out of this purchase! The iVibe rabbit is PHENOMENAL. I've used rabbit pearls for years and while they've brought me to orgasm, they just don't compare to using the iVibe. I haven't had multiple orgasms for several years but I was coming three times in 15 minutes with the iVibe rabbit! I'm so glad I took a chance and ordered this! They cost over $100 retail so it's amazing to find one for under $60. The power is amazing (I could never handle the top setting) and it's converted me to appreciating beads. It's angled for deeper penetration and I've never felt so much sensation from a rotating head before. The clit stimulator is far more powerful than anything else I've ever tried and the ears aren't flimsy and easily pushed aside so you'll never risk getting to the brink and then having them fold under! What more can I say? BUY IT! I'm so so glad I did.
Denise in FL

I really love the iVibe!!! It's really worth the money and works really well... numerous orgasms in just one session!!! The clit stimulator is awesome!!
Lisa, MN

The IVibe Rabbit does the job every time!

Girls, all I have to say is WOW!!!! Every gal should have an IVibe Rabbit Vibrator. This was this first vibe I have purchased and was recomended by a friend. I was unable to have orgasms, or so I thought. The second I got home with this sucker I put it to work. I immediately was in heaven, and it sent me there three times that session. I love my Ivibe and I'm hooked.
Christine in Georgia

This IVibe Rabbit Vibrator is a girls best friend! I have 2 colors so far, and fully intend to own all 5. I have never had as intense of an orgasm as the I-Vibe has given me. I don't have to have other toys as long as I have my I-Vibe. I have to thank my husband for intoducing us. LOL I can't recommend it highly enough!
Karen in Missouri

Oh this IVibe Rabbit was the best vibrator ever. It is my only nighttime companion. I share it with my girlfriends and we could say we get up to a bit of mischief with it

WOW! I can't even believe how well this IVibe Rabbit Vibrator works. I have always been the type of girl who could only get off using her own hand, but this toy has totally changed all that. The controls are a little confusing at first, but it is easy enough to get acclimated to them (I got used to them during the first use). The clit stimulator is PERFECT, and in the IVibe edition, it has a lot more mobility, which I find to be great for when the shaft is entirely inside me. The rotating pearls are a nice touch, but not overwhelming. As for the moving head, that is GREAT if you ask me, because it gets that g-spot stimulation down that usually can only be found during sex. The only downside to this toy is that while it is rather quiet when inside me, it can be pretty loud outside. But really, who cares? Just turn on some music and no one would notice. In short, I highly recommend the IVibe Rabbit for women who are not super sensitive. It would probably be too much for them, but for the rest of us, it's PERFECT!
Alia in OK

I had purchased this IVibe Rabbit Vibrator for my girlfriend for when I couldn't be there for her. She has raved about it ever since.
D. in Spokane WA

WOW!! This IVibe Rabbit was the first vibrator I purchased and it was worth every penny. Once I got the hang of it, it became my new best friend. I love it!!! It's so easy to use and the vibration is strong!!

I absolutely love this little vibrator toy. The Rabbit can find your spot in no time. I recommend the Ivibe Rabbit Vibrator to any and every woman.
Alley in MS

My husband bought this IVibe Vibrator for me as a gift. It is by far the best toy ever!
Lorry in FL

Oh my this IVibe Rabbit Vibrator is purrfect. I run an adult site, and got one from a fan. It should be called "who needs a man?" And yes, ladies, it's THAT good!
Lorry in FL

OOOOH MY GOD! This baby is something. I never got an orgasm so fast, and several times in a roll!! I love this IVibe Rabbit Vibrator. Girls, you won't regret getting this toy. Just try it!
Daisy in NJ

I love the IVibe Rabbit!!!!! I'd recommend it to anyone!
Christine in CA

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