Jack Rabbit Vibrators

The Jack Rabbit Vibrators offer women fantastic orgasm possibilities. The Jack Rabbit is the queen of vibrators.
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 Jack Rabbit Vibrators -  SE0610003
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Jack Rabbit Vibrators

Famous Jack Rabbit Vibrator Seen on HBO's "Sex and The City"

Jack Rabbit Vibrators have rotating beads and a stratgically placed rabbit shaped clitoral stimulator is the most popular of all the pearl rabbit vibrators. Pearl-like beads twirl inside the soft pink shaft, while it gyrates to stimulate ALL the right spots!
The Jack Rabbit Vibrator requires 3 C Batteries to give it lots of power. The Jack Rabbit is about 1.5"-2" wide and about 7" long, 5" useable.

[Concider the Japanese Rabbit Vibrator (below) for top end quality.]

NOTE: Lubricants can greatly enhance the sensation of using your Jack Rabbit Vibrator or any other sex toy (as well as improve the enjoyment of intercourse). Water-based lubes are the most popular and offer the most versatility and safety for all situations. They won't harm you or your Jack Rabbit Vibrator (oil-based lubricants can harm your Jack Rabbit Vibrator or other sex toys because they are made of rubber or silicone).

NOTE: Using a fresh condom on your Jack Rabbit Vibrator each time you use it prolongs your sex toy's life and keeps it clean and sterile. After all, who knows what your sex toys are up to when you're away from home?

The Jack Rabbit Vibrator from Pleasure Me NowThe Jack Rabbit Vibrator was designed by a woman for women. It provides simultaneous vaginal, clitoral and G-Spot stimulation to help any woman have earth-shattering orgasms.

Jack Rabbit style vibrators are used for simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation. The shaft is made out of very soft jelly material in the shape of a penis. Attached on the top of the shaft is a small rabbit that is made of softer jelly than the shaft.

The rabbit is only about 1/4 the length of the shaft. It's ears are designed to gently stimulate the clitoris while the shaft is inserted into the vagina. The deeper you insert the shaft, the harder the rabbit presses on your clit. You may have seen/heard about the jack rabbit on the HBO series Sex and the City and has long been popular in Japan.

Doctors and sex therapists worldwide are lauding the Jack Rabbit for it's ability to simultaneously stimulate the clitoris, the G-Spot and the vaginal walls. In addition, the Jack Rabbit featuresa multi-speed controller and a variety of vibrating, pulsating or thrusting options.

The shaft of the Jack Rabbit is 7 inches long, and made of a very soft jelly material that has been carefully sculpted into the shape of a penis. At the base of the shaft is a small rabbit clitoral stimulator that is made of softer jelly than the shaft, and is designed so that the ears delicately stimulate the clitoris as the shaft is inserted. The deeper the shaft is inserted, the harder the vibrating rabbit presses on your clitoris.

The rotating beads around the Jack Rabbit's shaft provide wonderful stimulation for the very sensitive opening of the vagina. The shaft also rotates and, with a quick push of a button, will reverse rotation to allow for perfect G-Spot stimulation. The multi-speed, multi-function controller allows for the Jack Rabbit's ears to be set seperatly from the vibrator. This wide range of vibrating options allows you to have a unique and powerful experience every time.

ReviewsSubmit a Review for this Product
The Jack Rabbit Vibrator is really awesome and it has brought me hours of pleasure :)

I love this jack rabbit! It's my first dual action toy! I love how it moves and the little face that is on the head is there to greet you with every use! I love it!
Zelda in TN

The Jack Rabbit Vibrator is such an awsome toy! It has already provided me with hours of enjoyment!
Kristen in NY

GREAT, Does all that it claims to and more, and more, and more... We wore 2 of them out, and will buy the rabbit pearl this time just because it seems stronger. But do buy this. she will SCREAM like ya never heard. Gets her off strong
Bob in OH

My girlfriend loves this item. If man are looking or a gift for thier girlfriends..this is it!
Alan in Michigan

I love this thing!!! Hours of enjoyment
Kristi in GA

I've had this toy for approximately 3 hours, and haha, I'll more than likely need new batteries tomorrow. I'm using energizer at the moment, and it's apparent, because it keeps going and going and going, and I keep going and going and going ....Yes, it's THAT damn good. The URL for this site is a good one, with the emphasis on pleasure ;)
Alanna in Iowa

This was a gift from my horney hubby!! Works great. With little effort you get OFF!! Worth every dollar!! You must try one to know what I mean!! Thank's honey!
David's Honey in FL

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