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Jack Rabbit Vibrator - On Sale!

Jack Rabbit Vibrator


The Original Jack Rabbit Vibrator is our best seller of all the rabbit vibrators. With its rotating head, swirling pleasure beads, and powerfully vibrating bunny-shaped clitoral vibrator, is it any wonder?

Add a Lube?


The Jack Rabbit vibrator has two seperate vibrators for multi-stimulation, exciting the g-spot, the labia, and the clitoris all at the same time for mind-blowing, intense orgasms.

The Famous Jack Rabbit Vibrator - #1 Selling Sex Toy for Years!

The Impulse Jack Rabbit Vibrator is the new and improved version of the orginal Jack Rabbit vibrator. Featuring non-jamming metal beads and 7 functions of vibration, escalation, and pulsation, it's a high-tech step up. Another popular rabbit vibrator is the iVibe Rabbit vibrator, which comes in three juicy colors and features a high-tech controller with LED indicators. The fabulous Waterproof Beyond 2000 Rabbit Vibrators let you take your orgasmic buddy into the tub for fun in the water.

The orgasmic, rotating, vibrating Jack Rabit vibrator is truly a girl's best friend! This sweet pink vibrator will take you to multi-orgasmic bliss with a twist of its dual-dialed controller. The push of a button reverses the rotation to go whichever direction pushes your buttons, and the head of the shaft rotates for intense G-spot stimulation! Pearl beads in the shaft of the Jack Rabbit vibrator dance around and around, vibrating and shimmying at the sensitive vaginal opening. Your contoller lets you choose the rotation speed of the shaft and the pearls, so you can ride waves of gentle pleasure, or set yourself to orgasm fast and hard!

The rabbit clitoral stimulator is a multi-speed vibrator, so you can set the vibration level to anything you desire, from a gentle hum to Oh, my God! The soft jelly ears will find that perfect place every time.

Rabbit vibrators have been around for many years. They differ from other sex toys in that they stimulate so many sensitive parts at the same time:

  • The rotating shaft - For many women, the g-spot can be difficult to find. This is why the rotating shaft on rabbit vibrators is so perfect. Basically, it twists until it finds the right spot. Once you know around where your g-spot is, you can alter the vibration and the rotation on the rabbit vibrator to continuously hit the g-spot until you climax.
  • The rotating beads
  • - This alone does it for many women. The clitoris can be very sensitive, and some women do not like to have it directly stimulated. For this reason, the rotating beads on rabbit vibrators, which stimulate and stretch the vaginal lips, can help give you the perfect orgasm. The movement and uneven beads gently stimulate the clitoris and can slowly bring you to climax.
  • The Rabbit Clitoral Stimulator - The double ears of the bunny on the rabbit vibrator are perfect for stimulating the clitoris. There is nothing better than the feeling of these two vibrating bunny ears slipped between your vaginal lips and around your clitoris. It gives you just the right stimulation for the perfect orgasm.
Most rabbit vibrators have independent controllers that allow you to choose your level of vibration and rotation. They also allow you to vary the stimulation depending upon your mood. Sometimes, you will want everything stimulated at once. Sometimes you will want just g-spot stimulation. Rabbit vibrators give you that choice.

Multi-stimulation rabbit vibrators are also perfect for couples play. One partner pleases while the other squirms. It is so much fun to slowly build a woman up to the perfect climax, and this toy allows you the freedom to give her exactly what she wants each time.

NOTE: Lubricants can greatly enhance the sensation of the experience you'll have with your Rabbit Vibrator and other sex toys (as well as improve the enjoyment of intercourse). Water-based lubes are the most popular and offer the most versatility and safety for all situations. They won't harm you, your Rabbit Vibe or other sex toys you use. Oil-based lubricants can harm your Rabbit Vibrator or other sex toys because they are made of rubber or silicone.

NOTE: Using a fresh condom on your Rabbit Vibrator or any sex toy, each time you use it prolongs your toy's life and keeps it clean and sterile. After all, who knows what your Rabbit Vibrator is up to when you're away from home?

ReviewsSubmit a Review for this Product

Awesome power in the vibrator and the rotating shaft is amazing.
G.M. in NC

I got this as a gift while my sweetie was away. I still missed him but it did the trick for sometime.
Kadijah in NY

I didn't like it at first, and then I went to sit up and it hit the right spot and I instantly fell in love with it.
Krysta in PA

I was skeptical at first, but after a very short time with the Jack Rabbit, it is GREAT!! EVERY girl should own one, or two or three. Makes me want to stay in bed all day! All I can say is this toy is amazing!!! It is well worth the money…
Bri in IA

The Jack Rabbit was my very first vibrator; it is absolutely amazing!! I can spend hours in bed…

I love the Jack Rabbit!!

I've had the Jack Rabbit Vibrator for approximately 3 hours, and haha, I'll more than likely need new batteries tomorrow. I'm using energizer at the moment, and it's apparent, because this Jack Rabbit Vibrator keeps going and going and going, and I keep going and going and going ....Yes, it's THAT damn good. The URL for this site is a good one, with the emphasis on pleasure. Many thanks for my Rabbit Vibrator. ;)
Alanna in Iowa

The Jack Rabbit is really awesome and it has brought me hours of pleasure :)

I love this jack rabbit! It's my first dual action vibrator toy! I love how it moves and the little face that is on the head is there to greet you with every use! I love it!
Zelda in TN

The Jack Rabbit Vibrator is such an awsome toy! It has already provided me with hours of enjoyment!
Kristen in NY

GREAT! The Jack Rabbit Vibrator does all that it claims to and more, and more, and more... We wore 2 of them out, and will buy the rabbit pearl this time just because it seems stronger. But do buy this. she will SCREAM like ya never heard. Gets her off strong
Bob in OH

My girlfriend loves the Jack Rabbit Vibe. If men are looking or a gift for thier girlfriends..this is it!
Alan in Michigan

I love this Jack Rabbit!!! Hours of enjoyment
Kristi in GA

This Rabbit Vibrator was a gift from my horney hubby!! Works great. With little effort you get OFF!! Worth every dollar!! You must try one to know what I mean!! Thank's honey!
David's Honey in FL

The Jack Rabbit Vibrator is my favorite toy! No woman should be without a "bunny"!
Brandi in OR

OMG! I saw beyond the stars. Between this and a personal massager, my orgasms went on and on for 10 minutes! I thought my husband was joking when he bought the Jack Rabbit Vibrator. It's better than jewelry.
Ann in FL

The Jack Rabbit Vibrator is wonderful. Does everything it says and provides hours of fun. I don't know what I'd do without my Jack Rabbit. I strongly recommend this product to other women and to men looking for a special gift for their loved one.
Maggie in OR

All I can say is: Unbelievable! I was worried at first that it would be too big and hurt, but oh my goodness, did the Jack Rabbit ever feel so good and fit so right. I can't get enough of this vibrator. My husband falls asleep watching me use it for sooooo long. Thank you for this product.
Kimmi in OK

Product Reviews

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I want to cry when it dies
AM (TX) 2/28/2011 6:15 PM
I don't know why I didn't think to leave a review when I got this thing before. Anyway. Not counting a Magic Bullet, this was my first vibrator. LOVE IT! It never fails to work some magic for me! Judging by the reviews I see I'm not the only one who has managed to pull a wire loose so that it stops working. I keep telling myself I'll get a wireless one but? I come back for this one. My current Jack Rabbit is dead and yet I held on to it for some fun until I could replace it. It's that special to me. ;)

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