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Jelly Eager Beaver Vibrator



The Jelly Eager Beaver Vibrator rotates, squirms, vibrates and bends to your inner curves.

The Jelly Eager Beaver Vibrator stimulates your clitoris while the shaft fills you, vibrating and rotating you into paradise.

Add a Lube?


NOTE: Lubricants can greatly enhance the sensation of the experience you have with your Jelly Eager Beaver Sex Toy (as well as improve the enjoyment of intercourse). Water-based lubes are the most popular and offer the most versatility and safety for all situations. They won't harm you or your Jelly Eager Beaver Vibrator (oil-based lubricants can harm your Jelly Eager Beaver Vibrator or any sex toys made of rubber or silicone).

NOTE: Using a fresh condom on your Jelly Eager Beaver sex toy each time you use it prolongs your sex toy's life and keeps it clean and sterile. After all, who knows what your Jelly Eager Beaver Vibrator is up to when you're away from home?

ReviewsSubmit a Review for this Product

It's great! I've worn out two of them in the last four years! It never fails to please!
Terrie in TX

It's okay. The squrimmy part didn't do that much. The cit vib was the best part.
Robin in MI

The beaver is the best vibrator I have ever used! You are guaranteed an orgasm!
Sue in Iowa

This is the best vibe EVER!!! I love the way the Eager Beaver Vibrator hits the spot every time, if you know what I mean, ladies! ;-) If you don't have one, you're missing out BIG TIME!!!

Ladies: if you haven't tried the Eager Beaver Vibe out, you are really missing all the fun!! :)
Kaitlyn in Alabama

Ladies, if you do not have one, go now and get the Eager Beaver Vibrator. If only it took out the trash!!!!!!
Rachel in Texas

Greatest vibrator ever. This Eager Beaver was the first vibrator I've ever purchased, and it is definitely my favorite!
Kay in NY

This was the first vibrator I've ever owned, and I'm sure the Eagver Beaver will be the best! You are guaranteed nights of pleasure!
Karen in NY

This is the first time I have ever ordered any sex toy and I was really pleased with the results. I will order again!
Shon in TX

The best beaver-to-beaver action you will get. 10/10, and the Eager Beaver Vibrator is like a magnet with the spot.
Eagerette in CA

For a college student who has lots of urges and minimal money, this Eager Beaver Vibe was my product! Wouldn't trade it for the world!
Elizabeth in WI

I have to admit this was my first purchase...I had heard the Eager Beaver Vibrator was great, and it has lived up to my expectations :)
R in TX

Wow! The Eager Beaver is the best toy I have come across yet, and I like to find and try new things. But this is my favorite so far. It's awesome. I guarantee that it will get you off every time. Go and buy one!
Sam in Washington

I got the Eager Beaver vibrator for my last lover - she used it a lot when I was away - she loved it!!! She said this vibrator kept her all wet and hot as she waited for me and my cock to return.

Ladies, this one really hits the spot every time. The Eager Beaver has the perfect feel and can also last a while. It now has become me and my girl's favorite, and we have tested quite a few others :)
Rissa in New York

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