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Make Your Own Dildo Kit - discontinued

Make Your Own Dildo Kit


The Make Your Own Dildo Kit comes with simple to follow instructions and everything you'll need to make an EXACT rubber copy of any penis you'd like! All materials are completely safe, non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Add a Lube?


Dildo Kit comes with coloring solution to produce a life-like final product.

Instructions for the Make Your Own Dildo Kit

The most important thing for positive results with the Make Your Own Dildo Kit is to follow the instructions. Once you get started everything happens very quickly. If it goes wrong, it is always because the instructions were not followed. Have all the penis molding ingredients ready before you get started.

Making the Penis Mold Material

  • Mix powder and water from the Make Your Own Dildo Kit
  • Water should be 75 degrees fahrenheit(thermometer is included)
  • If the water is only slightly warmer than the 75 degrees the mixture will harden quicker. Actually, a little bit too cold is better than too warm.
  • Keep an eye on the mixture and make sure it doesn't get too hard before you insert your penis. In the instructions it says 3 min. This is maximum time. It is perfectly ok (and sometimes better) to insert your penis after 2 min. Just to be sure the mixture is not too hard.

Get Yourself Ready for the Penis Mold

  • While the mixture gets the right consistency, it is time for you to get erect. It might be a good idea to get some help (a magazine, girl- or boyfriend might be helpful here).
  • When the penis dildo kit mixture has the right consistency, insert your penis and hold it there for 1 min.
  • When hardened, carefully pull out your penis.
  • You now have the finished mold.
  • Let it dry.

Pour the Liquid in the Penis Mold

  • Mix the liquid in the two bottles from the kit and pour it into the mold you just made.
  • When the rubber has hardened you have your dildo - an exact copy of your penis.

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Reviews of the Make Your Own Dildo Kit


But I did not use it the way it's advertised. I'm an artist who makes dolls, anatomically correct fashion dolls. All of my dolls are very detailed and have a realistic look most mass produced fashion dolls do not have. This stuff is fantastic and the skin shade for my white or black dolls is perfect. My dolls are about the size of a Barbie or Ken doll so I can produce two dolls per kit.

Love this kit.
Darrell in TN

Failed our first attempt but were somewhat successful on the next (don't leave it too late). Luckily there was enough material to make two molds.

The downside, the rubber is too hard, the wife would have prefered a softer, more flexible rubber instead of the rough, hard result we got. Was a laugh but it sits in the wardrobe now.
A.J. in MS

My partner and I bought this about 2 years ago and we are back to get another kit, this time with a vibrator. This kit is incredible! Yes, you have to pay attention and follow the directions but the end result was so worth it!! It is so detailed down to the very veins on his penis. Some reviews say its not erotic or it's hard to maintain an erection...we have never laughed so hard while making ours was a lot of fun and who says laughing is not erotic. The length to which he was willing to go for me to make a mold of his penis turns me on every time I look at it and every time I use it. Thanks for a great product.
Jilian in VA

In theory, this is a great product. In practice, expecting to maintain an erection with your penis in 75 degree goop is less than practical. My husband and I got so fed up after we ordered our second kit with three failed attempts that we just molded his hand for fun. I must say, it's detailed down to the finger prints. Also, the liquid rubber doesn't make for a very realistic feel (in fact, it kind of burns) but it was still fun once the pressure was off for him to preform. This site did deliver on it's promise to overnight the product and I live in Hawaii. NOTHING gets here overnight.

For us, it wasn't worth the trouble but if you can hold an erection under the least erotic circumstances then more power to ya'.
Jessica in HI

It's a little complicated but an excellent product. Be sure to be there with your man if you can, he mentioned the feeling of coldness upon insertion which was a bit of a turnoff. A little visual stimulation helped. :) It's amazingly real. Very satisfied!
Lora in CA

I made a PERFECT copy of my man's penis! When pouring in the liquid rubber, try to avoid air bubbles and be ABSOLUTELY sure its secure when you leave it for the 24 hour hardening period. I love having him around even when he isn't with me.
Robin in IL

It's a bit complicated but if you follow the directions you get a great result!! Just remember to trim the hair down there or at least coat it with petroleum jelly!(very important)

The Make Your Own Dildo Kit is an easy product to use, once you get the hang of it. You have to make sure you get all of the cast material around yourself or, when you pour the latex in, it will run out and you will have growths on your mold.
Chris in PA

This Dildo Kit is AMAZING! I can't be with my man all the time, so this comes in perfect!!
Dan in IL

The Make Your Own Dildo Kit is a little complicated to use, but the end result is great. Wow!!!
Donna in FL

Best member creator out there.
Brian in OH

This Dildo Kit is great! Now all of my chicks can have my penis!
Matt in CT

The Make Your Own Dildo Kit is an easy-to-use and wonderfully fun penis mold! Excellent idea to send enough plaster for 2 molds in case something goes wrong the first time. The mold is so life-like that you will not believe it until you try it yourself! Thanks Pleasure Me Now!!!
A. in TN

This penis mold kit works and we love it. I'm even back to make a mold of my BF now.
Drake in IL

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