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Rabbit Pearl Vibrator - discontinued

Rabbit Pearl Vibrator 40% Off!


The Japanese Rabbit Pearl Vibrator from Vibratex continues to be one of the best rabbit vibrators available.

Plus, it just received a facelift with a new Elastomer (silicone based) material, to make it hypoallergenic.

Add a Lube?


Best Quality Japanese Rabbit Vibrator -- Independent Battery Pack

This is the exact vibrator that drove Charlotte on Sex and the City crazy! This wonderful sex toy, now made of Elastomer, still remains high quality, soft and smooth, yet not sticky like jelly vibrators. This high-end vibrator material is also easier to clean than Cyberskin or UR3, but is still much softer than a silicone or rubber vibrator.

The Rabbit Pearl Vibrator has two powerful motors that will vibrate and rotate you to the ultimate orgasm. This vibrating wonder was made in Japan by expert craftsmen who have the reputation for creating only the highest quality vibrating toys.

The battery pack is attached to the vibrator by a cord. This allows for more flexibility during sex play. A woman playing by herself will like not having to stretch into uncomfortable positions in order to increase vibration or change the rotation speed. Her partner will love tantilizing her with the bunny ears and shaft while she controls the speed and power until she has the perfect orgasm.

The shaft and ears on this bunny vibrator are independently controlled, and the speed is variable on both. Feel the pleaure pearls rotate just at the entrance to the vagina while the vibrator's shaft twists and turns inside you stimulating your g-spot until you cum like never before! Add to this the vibrating bunny ears that drive your clit wild, and you have the perfect vibrator.

For over twenty years, Vibratex has worked to bring their customers the most pleasureable and delightful vibrating sex toys possible. This Rabbit Vibrator has been specifically designed to help add sparks to your sensual life and was designed by women who take their sexual satisfaction very seriously. At Vibratex, they make sure that every bump and groove of this rabbit vibrator has a specific purpose. They also use nothing but the highest quality parts and materials to make sure that you will have the most satisfying orgasmic experience possible.

NOTE: Lubricants can greatly enhance the sensation of the experience you'll have with your Rabbit Vibrator and other sex toys (as well as improve the enjoyment of intercourse). Water-based lubes are the most popular and offer the most versatility and safety for all situations. They won't harm you, your Rabbit Vibe or other sex toys you use. Oil-based lubricants can harm your Rabbit Vibrator or other sex toys because they are made of rubber or silicone.

NOTE: Using a fresh condom on your Rabbit vibrator or any sex toy, each time you use it prolongs your toy's life and keeps it clean and sterile. After all, who knows what your Rabbit Vibrator is up to when you're away from home?

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Oh my god!! This rabbit is awesome for my first vibrator. I'm worried that I'll get too attatched to it and have to trade in my man. Haha!! It's that good!!
Great way to start the day.
Holly in Australia

I recently bought this Rabbit to try and have to say the reviews I read are spot on! There is a nice variety of speeds available. The battery pack being seperate also allows for more freedom of movement which is fantastic.
Kristin in CA

I love this Rabbit Pearl Vibrator, but my boyfriend HATES it! He says I like it better than the real thing. Maybe he's right?
Cheryl, FL

This little Rabbit Pearl Vibrator doesn't stop until the job is done. I close my eyes and feel the waves of pleasure come over me...
Nancy, NC

I wish my husband could move like that!
Mary, NY

All she can say is WOW, and I have to agree. This baby works like no other. If you are thinking about getting the Rabbit Pearl Vibrator, do not look any further and buy now! A++++

This Rabbit Pearl Vibrator will soon become your best friend. A great buy, and it's very powerful, too!
Storme in DC

LOVED this! Bought my Rabbit Pearl about 9 months ago and somehow I broke it.. but I've never felt anything like it. I used the vibrator nearly everyday and I'm going through withdrawals without it. You won't be disappointed. I would probably get the one with the control box on the vibe, though, because I think I yanked the wire loose to the control box...
Tara in FL

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Definitely Recommend
Sarah K (PA) 3/30/2011 10:22 AM
I thought the product was going to be a little too large for me just by looking at the picture, but it actually fit quite well and the feeling beat my expectations. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to climax and has trouble doing that with just their partner.

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