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 Erotic Stories - The Business Trip
Sam and I had been working together for a long time, and, over the past few months, had taken several business trips together. We had become an effective team in a short time, and wonderful friends as well. There was also a certain chemistry between us that I had never experienced before. Obviously, it was visible to others, because they kept assuming that something was going on between us, but, until this trip, our relationship had remained purely platonic.

The more time I spent with this Sam, the more difficult it was becoming to resist his charms. As time wore on, just being in the same room with him made my body intensely hot; it was occasionally downright embarrassing. This all was complicated by the fact that I was his direct supervisor, and a personal relationship between the two of us would be seriously frowned upon.

This particular night, I was feeling particularly friendly. I had been teasing Sam about the hard day he had had and how nice a backrub would feel. I told him I had some special scented oil in my room, and that I would be more than happy to oblige. On a previous trip, we had exchanged foot massages and had both managed to remain in control of our hormones. That night, however, my thoughts were racing wildly, and each look from him was sending sparks down to my already dripping pussy.

The Goddess Art of
Jonathon Earl Bowser

We dined at the hotel restaurant, where the waitress hovered over my companion in the same way all women did. As usual, he remained charming and polite. His deep blue eyes shining when he thanked her. "Service with a smile!" she chirped, winking. I couldn't help imagining how I might service him, and my blood raced, its temperature growing higher than ever.

After our meal, Sam and I headed upstairs, joking and hugging as we often do. I stopped off in my room to grab the bottle of massage oil - I fully intended to give him the promised rubdown.

Once in his room, Sam removed his shirt and pants. He self-consciously lay on the bed face down waiting for the promised relief. I slipped off my shoes and walked over to the bed. He had the most beautiful body. I lifted my skirt and straddled him. I could feel him tense up, and I heard a slight gasp as I lowered my now damp panties on his back. I poured a generous amount of oil into my hands and then placed the bottle on the nightstand. I began to stroke and firmly knead, the muscles of his neck and back. What a turn on it was to feel his strong, powerful muscles through his smooth slippery skin. My fingers danced an ecstatic melody over his flesh as I continued to massage him.

As I continued stroking and rubbing, my mind wandered. I began to think about what it would be like to be under him, holding onto these same broad shoulders...while he plunged his cock into me over and over. The warmth between my legs was becoming unbearable. I stopped for a minute to reach for the oil that I had left on the nightstand. I leaned over his back and face to reach the bottle, and my very erect nipples brushed his face. I glanced down to see him staring, wide eyed at my full breasts. He looked up and met my eyes. The sparks shot between us, and we both knew what we wanted to do.

I slowly sat back up, and he rolled over onto his back. I could now feel his rock hard cock pressing against my delicate lips. He reached up and surrounded one of my firm breasts with his warm hand. He pinched the nipple between his finger and thumb and I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation. I rocked back and forth, rubbing my clit against his hard member. He pulled my head down to his and we enjoyed our first kiss. His soft tongue shot into my mouth and he kissed me passionately.

I could feel his hand on my ass as he slowly pulled my dripping panties down. I lifted myself up, so that he could more easily remove them. And, before I could sit back down, he had his hand around my pussy, feeling the warmth and the wetness. He found the delicate clit and circled his thumb around it, while he inserted one, two, THREE fingers deep inside my willing hole. I let out a gasp, and couldn't help but moan as he brought me closer and closer to orgasm.

The Goddess Art of
Jonathon Earl Bowser

Before I could come, he rolled me over and pushed me onto the bed. We both pulled off his tight shorts to let his enormous rod pop out. He pressed his body down on mine and thrust his cock deep inside my dripping pussy. I could feel him fill me up entirely, not missing one sensitive spot. Just like in my fantasies, I grabbed his firm butt and pushed him deeper inside me. I wanted him all!

I bit his neck as he continued to ram his hard cock deep inside me. Pulling all the way out, and then quickly slipping all the way back in. Before I knew it, I began to feel the warmth all over that I feel just before I come. "Come for me. I want to feel you squeeze my cock!" He whispered into my ear. That sent me over the top! "Oh yeah!" he said. "I can feel you!" His breath got deeper and he let out a deep moan as he shot his cum deep inside me.

After a moment, he lifted his head, looked into my eyes and gave me a very gentle kiss. "So, boss lady" he said. "What's next? A little paper work?" I smiled devilishly and said "I think not. I was thinking more on the lines of an ORAL presentation!" He smiled and got RIGHT to work.

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