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Vibrator Guide

Vibrators range from simple and inexpensive for $5 to sophisticated, elaborate orgasm machines offering hundreds of vibration speeds and settings, including escalating and pulsating vibration. Listed below are the major categories of vibrators available, although there are additional types.

Learn what vibrator might work best for you using the information here. There is no "e;Best"e; vibrator as everyone has their own preferences. Some like powerful, house shaking vibration, while others get excited by the shape of their vibrator. Some enjoy large vibrators, others like petite.

Rabbit Vibrators,with their unique construction, are the most popular vibrator today. Their long, phallic, rotating shaft penetrates the vagina, while simultaneously a clitoral stimulator vibrates independently, with separate controls. Additionally, some of these vibrator shafts have beads ("e;pearls"e;) that twist and rotate for additional stimulation of the vaginal lips and/or the g-spot. The protruding, independent clitoral stimulators are usually shaped like animals: rabbits, beavers, panthers, and dolphins seem to be the most popular.
Top Quality Vibratorsare vibes we consider to have a little something extra in design as well as quality workmanship. These vibrators are characterized by superior materials (silicone, vinyl, etc.), better built, and extensive vibration controls (often include escalating and pulsating modes). It's not easy for a vibrator to be selected for this category on our site. Offer, these vibes have some unique qualities not found in other vibrators.

Remote Control Vibratorsare our second most popular type of vibrator behind the Rabbit Vibes. Let your partner control your pleasure when you're out for a night on the town.

Cyberskin Vibratorsare made out of the flexible skin-like material Cyberskin. They have veins or ribbing for a more natural feel. They feel amazing like skin soft, supple, skin temperature and they are about as close as you can get to the real thing.

G-Spot Vibrators- Difficult to reach and mysterious, the G-Spot can now be accessed by a woman with a specially curved vibrator. These vibrators offer a curved tip with a long shaft, so that, once inserted, a woman can reach the G-Spot on the upper wall in her vagina. A vibrator made of hard material is best because it doesn't bend when inserted in the vagina.
Clitoral Strap-On Vibrators- With their straps that fit like underwear, this type of vibrator fits over the clitoris and is held in place providing hands-free fun. It can even comfortably be used while having intercourse. It is basically a bullet, with a jelly cover.

Bullet Vibrators- Bullet or egg shaped vibrators are small enough to be inserted into the vagina or anus. An external wire attaches to the control which allows you complete freedom of movement while experiencing intense orgasms.

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