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We offer all our vibrators at 15-60% off retail. Finding the right vibrator can be a bit of a challenge with so many choices available today. If you're a first time user, you might want to start with something simple like the Evolved Interlude Vibrator. It comes in fun colors and this vibe offers strong vibration that can help you figure out the types of stimulation that feel best for you.

If you're ready to explore your g-spot, the LELO Gigi Vibrator is a great option with its bend targeted to hit your elusive g-spot.

Advanced Risque Dual Teaser Vibrators
These new sex toys are hand picked to be as unique and functional as possible. Every vibrator on our site is guaranteed to satisfy you, or you can return it. Our new vibrators are high quality and should last a lifetime.
Rabbit Vibrators
Rabbit vibrators stimulate a woman's clitoris and g-spot simultaneously. This produces amazing orgasms that will truly curl her toes! Most rabbit vibrators also have pleasure beads that stimulate the labia to produce even more thrilling sensations!
Top Quality Vibrators
Many vibrators are designed to be used just a few times, and then thrown away. High quality sex toy should last years, and give you the power to come time and time again. These top quality vibrators are the best you can get, and are guaranteed to please.
Remote Control Vibrators
There's no better way to tease your lover in a crowded room than with a remote control vibrator. These discreet sex toys have enough range to let you be on opposite sides of the room, and still be able to play!
Realistic Vibrators - Is it real, or is it a vibrator??
These days, a realistic vibrator is almost like having a penis of your very own. They look so incredibly lifelike that you might forget that you're using a dildo! Many of these sex toys are molded directly from porn star cocks, and the sight of them might
Classic Vibrators
Classic vibrators come in many different phallic shapes and sizes. They are the toy most people think of when they think of a vibrator. Most classic vibrators are designed for clitoral stimulation, or to be inserted during masturbation. These sex toys com
Vibrating Cock Rings
Cock rings that vibrate are the best toys for ensuring that love-making will be mutually pleasurable! These rings simply slide over your man's penis to stimulate both of you during sex.
G-Spot Vibrators
If you want to stimulate that elusive G-spot, a G-spot vibrator is the way to go. G-spot vibrators feature a curved tip designed to target that secret, orgasmic spot for the most intense, toe-curling, scream-inducing climaxes out there.
Cyberskin Vibrators - For the Most Realistic Vibrator!
Cyberskin feels more like real skin than real skin! Each of these vibrating sex toys is covered with Cyberskin or UR3 to give you a soft, yet rigid toy that feels so amazing you'll lock yourself in your room and refuse to come out!
Waterproof Vibrators
When you want to really relax, there is nothing more soothing than lying in a steamy, hot bath while vibrating yourself to ecstasy with one of these cleverly designed waterproof vibrators. Each of these sex toys is completely water tight and designed to b
Clitoral Vibrators
These small, hand-held vibrators serve one function: to stimulate your clitoris to higher levels of sensitivity until you orgasm. Clitoral vibrators are carefully shaped to surround and tease your pleasure spot with targeted precision. Compact enough t
Strap-On Vibrators
Strap on vibrators are designed to be worn like panties so that the vibrator can perfectly titilate the clitoris. Most of these vibrating toys can be worn during sex to provide extra stimulation for the woman during intercourse.
Vibrators - Multi-Stimulating
Not for the delicate or faint of heart, multi-stimulating vibrators take erotic play to the next level. Each of these vibrators is designed to awaken and entice two or three different erogenous at once for incredibly intense orgasm!
Dr. Laura Berman Sex Toys & Vibrators as seen on Oprah
Many sex toys are designed by men, but these sex enhancing toys and vibrators are designed by sex expert Dr. Laura Berman. Dr. Berman has spent her life learning exactly what will fit and please a woman's body.
Bullet Vibrators - Egg Vibrators
Bullet vibrators are the "go-anywhere" sex toy! Each of these little vibes packs a lot of power into a travel-sized toy, easy to fit into a pocket or purse. They can go anywhere on your body, too, providing extra stimulation anywhere without taking up a
Vibrators - Body Massagers
These vibrating toys are uniquely designed to soothe and relax your muscles at the end of a long, tyring day, helping both and your partner to "get in the mood." These massager are also great vibrators for when you need a little extra power!
Huge Vibrators
These vibrators are the biggest, longest, most massive vibrators we can find. Thick and huge to really fill you up!
Incognito - Hidden Vibrators
Have you ever worried that prying eyes will discover your secret stash of sex toys? With these special hidden vibrators, you no longer have to worry. Even if they are discovered, who would ever guess their sexy little secret?
Vibrator Kits
There are many kits available that give you all sorts of vibrator options. Some are designed more for massage, or for caring for your toys, while others let you try out different sex toys to decide which works best for you. Try one, or try them all!
Vibrator Attachments
Vibrator attachments let you turn your old, worn out vibrator into a brand new sex toy! There are various sleeves that can make your toy softer, wider and give it a nice texture. You can even put two vibrators together to make a cool double dong!
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Rhythm - Natya
Price: $159.95
Rhythm - Natya
Ooh Ibiza Vibes Kit
Price: $59.95
Ooh Ibiza Vibes Kit
Ceramix no.7 - Purple
List: $60.00
Price: $49.95
You Save: $10.05 (17 %)
Ceramix no.7 - Purple
Bliss Aura
Price: $90.95
Bliss Aura
Ooh Her Name is Rio Kit
Price: $105.95
Ooh Her Name is Rio Kit
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