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Dildo history goes back further than anyone knows. The The Greeks and Romans both had finely crafted phallic dildos. The word "dildo" is likely to have come from the Italian word dilettarsi, meaning to take delight in. These ancient dildos were nothing like the modern versions. Young frustrated women of ancient Rome used dildos made of leather, stone or wood. Today, dildos are made of soft, smooth materials many of which feel like real, human skin.

Most dildos are shaped like a penis and are used for vaginal or anal penetration. They can be used by couples during sex play, or by an individual during masturbation. The most popular kind of dildos are Realistic Dildos. They are shaped and often colored exactly like a real penis. Most are molded directly from a real cock, so the look and feel of them is often strikingly real. Glass Dildos are on the oposite spectrum from Realistic Dildos. They are phallic shaped, but are rock hard and brighly colored to resemble a glass sculpture, more than a real penis.

Dildos come in all shapes and sizes. Some are Huge and some are very small. They also come in a variety of colors, so you're bound to find one that fills you up just right!

Arpad Miklos Sensafirm Cock
Check out the new metal worx dildos from Pipedream Products. These uniquely designed sex toys are nice and heavy and formed to bring you the most pleasure possible. We also have added Arpad Miklos' rock hard cock, which will fill you up like no other!
Cyberskin Dildos
Cyberskin is the most realistic, soft, lifelike material that has ever been made. Cyberskin dildos are soft and smooth on the outside, and rock hard on the inside. These sex toys are amazingly realistic and will drive you crazy with desire!
Realistic Dildos
A realistic dildo can be so lifelike that you might mistake it for the real thing. Some of these realistic cocks are made of latex or rubber or Cyberskin, but all are designed to look just like a real penis.
Huge Dildos
If you're looking for a HUGE DILDO, then this is the place for you! These massive dildos will fill you up like no other toy can. Each one is at least 9 inches long and extremely thick. Our huge dildos come in several different materials and range in size
Basic Dildos & Dongs
Dildos and dongs are phallic shaped, but do not look as realistic as the cyberskin or realistic dildos. They are less expensive and are perfect for anal and vaginal play.
Double Dongs - Dildos
Double dildos have two smooth heads on each side and are generally flexible enough for two people to use one dildo at the same time. This sex toy is also perfect for double penetration because it can be bent to stimulate two areas at one time.
Strap-On Harness
Strap-on harnesses allow you to have the phallus you've always wanted. These harnesses are designed for both women and men and have many dildos to choose from, both realistc dildos as well as ones made to appeal to those who do not want to use a realistic
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