Introducing Scarlett Delight: The Sex Toy Whisperer

Scarlett “Delight” Dellinger

Introducing Scarlett Delight: The Sex Toy Whisperer

Whether I’m testing out a mini bullet vibrator or a big and mighty anal hook, I always go all the way with my toys to give you a complete look into what’s going to make you cum hard as well as what you need to avoid. Seriously, I was born to stuff my holes silly! While I get to experiment with all kinds of unusual and kinky playthings, I also get to share my hard-earned knowledge with you. So allow my hungry holes and my horny mind to take you on an epic pleasure trip!

Introducing Richard Turbo: The Sensual Sorcerer of Adult Playthings


Introducing Richard Turbo: The Sensual Sorcerer of Adult Playthings

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as your #1 male sex toy expert, it’s that you should never be afraid to live out your fantasies. My 8-inch Turbo Dick has literally been inside hundreds of next-gen blowjob machines, masturbators, pocket pussies, etc. My rule? If it has a hole: I will fuck it!!! And I’ll always make sure to test my toys out balls deep to see if they’re jizz-worthy. So whether you’re into couple play, prostate massage, fetish play, or you just want to jerk off in peace, I’ll show you how to find the perfect sex toy!

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Sometimes, it’s totally okay to brag. And we’re not just talking about Scarlett’s virgin-tight vagina and Richard’s huge ballsack! We’re proud to be featured in a variety of leading industry publications. Here’s a selection of the most popular publications that have mentioned Pleasure Me Now on their website.

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