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Feeldoe Waterproof Silicone Vibrator - Summer Sale!

Feeldoe Waterproof Silicone Vibrator
Size / Color:


***Seen on HBO's Real Sex***

The Feeldoe made by Tantus is the world's first strapless strap-on dildo.

Comes in four sizes and colors.

Add a Lube?


Designed by a woman, the Feeldoe is a wonderful toy that allows for mutual penetration without the use of a harness.

The small, bulbous end of the Feeldoe is inserted into the vagina or anus and held in place by use of the muscles. The smooth, realistically-shaped shaft is the perfect size and shape for both anal and vaginal penetration. The egg shaped knob that fits inside the woman wearing the Feeldoe is not too big and not too small and somehow manages to give intense sensation with every thrust!

The ridges at the base of the Feeldoe's shaft stimulate your clitoris and get you closer and closer to orgasm as you thrust in and out of your grateful partner! This vibrating model also has a bullet that fits into the base providing additional stimulation for both partners.

The design of the Feeldoe allows for skin-on-skin contact like no other strap-on can. Plus, you're both having fun, so it makes for MUCH more exciting lovemaking! Regular use will also strengthen your vaginal muscles to produce better and better orgasms. This perfectly shaped sex toy can be used with or without a harness, for anal play, or the bulb works perfectly as a handle for solo stimulation. Batteries included.

The Feeldoe is made of 100% silicone which is completely waterproof and immersible, velvety soft, gentle to the skin and easy to care for. You can sterilize this toy by putting it in the dishwasher or boiling water. Or you can just wash it with soap and hot water. Silicone is hypo-allergenic and few people are allergic to this material. Toys made with silicone tend to last a long time.

The Feeldoe Story

Mia invented the Feeldoe because she got frustrated with having to stop in the middle of it all and wait while the one she loved donned a harness, buckling this, snapping that, fumbling in the dark to get all strapped up...and then work even harder while feeling absolutely nothing! As an inventor, her background includes research and development of mechanical equipment, machinery, and material processing. Since she helps the boys make their big industrial toys work better, why not make toys for girls work better, too?

Mia knew that women made their own dildos out of pig skin on the Isle of Lesbos, so she started her project in the late 80's, fashioning different designs and tailoring contours. It took over 10 years of research and development and a very patient lover who didn't mind trying all the ones that failed! Her goal was to eliminate the delay caused by a standard strap-on dildo, and provide pleasure for the driving partner, too. (The bottom just gets what she always gets which is, well, you know...)

When form, fit, and function were finally perfected, she named the creation the Feeldoe, because it truly does provide the real "FEEL" for both "DOE!"

After securing patents, she studied the various toy makers and the chemistry of the raw materials each process. She chose Tantus, Inc. whose president is the woman leading the industry with pure quality silicone products.

NOTE: Use only water based lubricants with the Feeldoe, as silicone lubricants can damage silicone sex toys!!!

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My wife and I used our feeldoe for the first time and that was the horniest, most intense, wildest night we have ever had. She got so excited grabbing my hips and taking me doggie style. This was our first time trying role reversal and it was incredible. The feeldoe is the greatest invention ever!!!
Richard in CA

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Dave (TX) 11/26/2012 6:38 AM
It didn't work well for my wife. It is very hard to thrust in & out with it. Needs support & feels uncomfortable. Would not suggest for petite women.

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